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According to IBIS World, the holiday let market was worth £2.8 billion in 2023. We expect that to increase further in 2024.

With an increased appetite to explore more of the United Kingdom, holiday rentals have exploded in popularity and now make up a significant part of the property market.

With good returns, an appreciating asset and potentially significant income, it’s no wonder the holiday let market is attracting new investors all the time!

If you want to explore this investment opportunity, you may need a holiday let mortgage. To get one of those, we recommend using a specialist holiday let mortgage broker.

When do you need a Holiday Let Mortgage broker?

Holiday let mortgages enable you to tap into one of the most lucrative property markets of recent times.

Buy to let mortgages are designed for medium or long-term lets, typically of 6 months or more. That won’t work for short-term lets, which include holiday homes and Airbnbs.

That’s where a holiday let mortgage comes in.

A holiday let mortgage broker like GPS Financial has the expert knowledge and skills to find the most suitable mortgage for your needs. We’ll even help you with all the paperwork!

A mortgage broker has access to a variety of lenders and mortgages that the general public doesn’t. That also means a holiday let broker will also have access to competitive deals and some of the best rates on the market.

Specialist lenders or lenders that prefer working through brokers can often offer more competitive deals than the high street. They may also offer other favourable terms or incentives not available on the internet, too.

That’s why anyone considering entering the market could benefit from working with holiday let mortgage brokers.

Types of Holiday Let Mortgages

If you need to finance a property purchase for use as a holiday rental, GPS Financial can help.

We’re an award-winning mortgage broker with extensive experience in the holiday let and Airbnb market.

We can help secure competitive mortgages for holiday lets, second holiday homes, Airbnbs, holiday cottages and more, such as:


If you want to finance any type of property for short-term lets such as holidays, a holiday let mortgage is the best fit.

How to get a Holiday Let Mortgage

You won’t typically find holiday let mortgages on the high street, which is where holiday let brokers come in.

This type of mortgage is designed specifically for short-term rentals and has tax benefits that a standard buy to let mortgage does not.

Lending criteria for holiday let mortgages is different from residential and buy to let mortgages, and you may need expert help figuring everything out.

That’s where holiday let mortgage brokers provide maximum value.

GPS Financial has the expertise and market knowledge to secure a competitive holiday let mortgage for almost any situation.

We’ll help you understand what’s involved, what’s required and how to qualify. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Speak To An Expert

Giving you peace of mind while you sit back and let us do all the work for you while finding you the best deal for your financial situation.

Why use a Holiday Let Mortgage broker?

You would talk to a qualified lawyer about contracts or a marketing expert about an advertising campaign, so you should talk to a holiday let mortgage broker about a property investment.

Holiday let mortgages are more complex than a residential mortgage and require much more paperwork. As with any business venture, seeking professional advice is paramount.

Working with a broker can also save you time, money and stress, especially if they handle everything for you!

GPS Financial does all that and more. We work with you to identify and secure the best mortgage for your needs at the best rate available on the market. We’ll explain the upsides, downsides, and any alternatives so that you always make an informed decision about your holiday let investment.

Once you’re ready to apply, we’ll help with the application paperwork and do everything we can to ensure you get the right mortgage for you.

How to choose the best Holiday Let Mortgage broker

Choosing a holiday let mortgage broker is refreshingly simple. Find one with experience in holiday lets, with a track record of success finding the right mortgage for the right situation.

Holiday let mortgages are niche products that require some specific knowledge to get right. If that provider has also won awards and is known for delivering exceptional service, all the better!

GPS Financial award for best firm bridging and commercial

GPS Financial are industry-leading property finance specialists with decades of experience and access to all leading lenders to give you the best possible value.

If you’re considering a holiday let mortgage, it pays to work with experts. GPS Financial has the skills and experience to ensure your next investment is a good one.

Contact one of our team to discuss your requirements. We’ll be with you every step of the way!

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