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Business Loans

You don’t need a bank to get a loan

What is Business Loans?

A wide field for those seeking business finance, business loans can be sourced from a variety of lenders, not just mainstream banks but other sources including local or sector specialists, challenger banks and new online and peer to peer or crowdsourced lenders.

Loans can be secured against a variety of assets or guarantees, for fixed terms or on a variable repayment basis, with rates varying according to timing and perceived risks.

Types of business loan

GPS Financial covers the full range of business loans, including:

  • Secured loans
  • Unsecured loans
  • Revolving credit facilities
  • Business cash advances
  • Fixed or flexible term and repayments
  • Business expansion loans
  • Loans to fund the purchase of premises

Business Buy-to-Lets

GPS Financial provides business loans for companies or corporate vehicles such as SPVs to fund the purchase of buy-to-let properties. With access across the whole marketplace, corporate buy to let funding is available for those planning:

  • Property investment
  • Property development
  • Refinancing of existing lending
  • Multi-property portfolio funding
  • Eligibility and criteria for business loans

Eligibility and criteria for business loans

With so many different lenders and products on the market, the eligibility criteria for business loans vary. In an initial consultation, expect to be asked about:

  • Turnover and profit
  • Bank statements
  • Filed accounts
  • Loan amount vs. turnover
  • Trading history
  • Payment history (e.g. CCJs, late payments)

While there are no set ‘standard’ criteria for business loans, there are a few basic factors that most lenders look at when assessing your business. Here are a few rules of thumb to bear in mind before you apply for a loan:

The loan amount is less than 25% of your annual turnover Your business is profitable More than 24 months trading history (for most products) No outstanding CCJs or late payments Your business is based in the UK All of these factors help lenders build up a picture of your business. Generally, lenders are unwilling to lend more than 10-20% of your annual turnover, and they’ll want to see enough revenue to demonstrate affordability. If you’re not making much profit or making a loss, it’ll be difficult to get a loan, and a short trading history (less than 2 years) can make things more difficult too.

Having said that, you might be surprised by what’s still available to your business, and many of the lenders we work with are more flexible than the banks.

If you’d like to find out more about what kind of business loan you may be eligible for, starting an application is the quickest way to find out your options.

How to Apply?

Once you have identified the project and roughly worked out viability, costs, end value and profit margin, get in touch on 02922 677 725, or fill out the form in the contact page. It doesn’t matter if you don’t already own the land/property.

We will then ask you lots of questions, (known as a fact find), to get as much information about the development as possible. This will allow us to appraise your project and give you an honest opinion as to whether we can help, i.e. we’ll let you know if there are any lenders who might be willing to provide the necessary finance.

Testimonials From Our Great Customers

"GPS financial have been absolutely invaluable in the growth of my business."

I have found the whole team very professional and knowledgeable. The founder Morgan Stewart has been brilliant and for this reason I continue to recommend to anyone that asks me for a broker.

- Michael Kalisperas

Testimonials From Our Great Customers

"Your work over the past few weeks has been massively appreciated."

 "My old broaker couldn't get me a ortgage. Morgan found solutions to all the hurdles we came across. In a very tight timeframe we managed to complete on two properties before the stamp duty hike. Fantastic, level headed and professional. Thank you."

- Morgan

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