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Can you use a Buy-To-Let Mortgage for a Holiday Let?

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Can you use a Buy-To-Let Mortgage for a Holiday Let?

In today’s property markets, the concept of financing holiday lets is an attractive opportunity for many potential investors and homeowners alike. It’s a topic that not only revolves around the aspirations of owning a profitable holiday property but also the complexities of choosing appropriate financing options.

A question we often hear surrounding holiday lets and buy-to-let mortgages is: “Is it possible to use a buy-to-let mortgage for a holiday let?”. 

The short and simple answer is no.

But why can’t you use a buy-to-let mortgage to finance your holiday let? This is because holiday lets are markedly different from conventional residential properties, and are frequently perceived as a business or commercial venture.

Unlike standard residential lets that serve as long-term homes for tenants, holiday lets cater to temporary occupants, offering short-term accommodation with a sense of leisure and escapism. This business-oriented and commercially driven nature of holiday lets significantly influences the type of financing they require, and demands different financial solutions from typical residential mortgages.

The differences between Buy-to-let and Holiday Let Mortgages

In the world of property investments, understanding the differences between buy-to-let and holiday let mortgages is crucial. 

Buy-to-let mortgages, traditionally favoured for long-term residential leasing, cater to tenants seeking a more permanent place to stay. This mortgage type reflects stability, where the property becomes a home for an extended period, often spanning several years. 

In contrast, holiday let mortgages cater to the transient nature of vacation properties. These are designed for short-term rentals, appealing to a clientele seeking temporary stays for brief respites. The fluctuating occupancy in holiday lets, marked by guests’ intermittent stays, often leads to a higher rental yield but also introduces a degree of unpredictability. 

This variation is reflected in the mortgage structure – holiday let mortgages are specifically designed to accommodate seasonal fluxes and shorter letting durations, distinguishing them from the more consistent buy-to-let arrangements. 

Understanding these differences is essential for investors, as each mortgage type corresponds to particular rental strategies and fiscal expectations.

Comparing Buy-to-let and Holiday Let Mortgages

When it comes to mortgages, there’s a clear distinction between residential buy-to-let (BTL) and holiday let mortgages. With residential BTL mortgages, lenders primarily assess your income stability and credit history. Their main concern is ensuring you can cover the mortgage payments with your rental income, focusing on the long-term aspect.

On the other hand, holiday let mortgages follow a slightly different set of criteria. Alongside your financial stability, lenders also take into account the potential income from your holiday property. Since this income can fluctuate with the seasons and tourism trends, they often require a higher deposit to accommodate these potential variations. In simpler terms, holiday let mortgages are more adaptable to the unique nature of holiday property rentals.

Why can’t you use a Buy-to-let Mortgage for a Holiday Let?

The restriction on using a buy-to-let mortgage for financing a holiday let stems from the fundamental disparity between these types of property investments. 

Buy-to-let mortgages are tailored for the stability of long-term residential rentals, where tenants often commit to a property for a minimum term of 6-12 months. This stability allows lenders to evaluate risks with a level of predictability. 

In contrast, holiday lets present a different scenario. These properties are intended for short-term guests in search of temporary accommodation for a matter of days instead of months. Occupancy fluctuates with seasonal variations and evolving travel patterns, and revenue depends on a consistent turnover of multiple successful bookings.

The very nature of holiday lets, characterised by their constantly changing clientele, positions them more as a business investment as opposed to a residential dwelling. The inherent unpredictability and erratic revenue streams challenge the suitability of standard buy-to-let mortgages.

Mortgage providers recognise these risks and are often reluctant to extend buy-to-let mortgages to holiday lets. As such, holiday let mortgages specifically designed for holiday lets and Airbnb properties are the most suitable financing option for those looking to fund short-term holiday rentals.

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Which Mortgage can I use for a Holiday Let? 

When considering the financing of a holiday let property, it’s clear that regular residential mortgages are not the right fit. 

So, what are your choices for funding a holiday let? Specialist mortgages such as Holiday Let Mortgages are viable options which specifically cater to the holiday let market and investment properties like this. 

Holiday let mortgages take into account the fluctuating revenue and higher risks involved with holiday lets, giving you the flexibility to ensure that your holiday let remains a profitable investment. 

What is a Holiday Let Mortgage?

A holiday let mortgage is a tailored financial solution that enables you to fund investment properties for the purpose of letting on a short-term basis.

Unlike your conventional residential mortgages or buy-to-let loans, this specialist mortgage is exclusively designed for properties intended to become holiday lets to generate revenue from holidaymakers. Holiday let mortgages allow you to leverage your property as a business asset rather than restricting it to solely residential use. 

However, these types of mortgages come with a set of criteria surrounding the dynamic nature and perceived risk of holiday rentals. These criteria cover everything from property availability to income projections, including further affordability and eligibility checks to ensure the viability and profitability of your proposed holiday let investment.

A specialist mortgage broker like GPS Financial can offer expert guidance tailored to your unique needs and circumstances. Our experienced team will walk you through every step of the process, ensuring that you make informed decisions on your journey to becoming a successful holiday let property owner.

Changing from a Buy-to-Let Mortgage to a Holiday Let Mortgage

The thought alone of converting your property into a profitable holiday retreat is an enticing idea. However, it’s not a straightforward process and there are potential roadblocks to be aware of.

It all comes down to the terms of your existing mortgage. Generally, it’s not permissible to lease your property for short-term holidays using a standard residential mortgage. Attempting to do so would lead to non-compliance.

But there are ways to work around this dilemma:

Requesting permission: Your first option is to approach your current mortgage provider to seek their permission and approval for this change in usage. It’s important to recognise that some lenders may not be receptive to this request, potentially limiting your options.

Switching Mortgages: If the first option isn’t successful, you might need to consider changing mortgages altogether. This process involves a series of steps and considerations. You’ll need to assess the market, explore suitable holiday let mortgage options, and understand the associated criteria.

Changing mortgages can be complicated, but that’s precisely where expert advice becomes invaluable. We strongly recommend consulting with a specialist Mortgage Broker who can guide you through the nuances of this transition.


GPS Financial specialises in holiday let mortgages and will happily assist you in understanding the intricacies, selecting the right mortgage, and ensuring suitability for your needs and goals. Contact one of our team today to discuss the finance options for your holiday let.

Don’t let mortgage complexities deter your dreams. Seek expert advice, explore your options, and embark on this exciting venture with confidence!

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