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Development Exit Finance

Reduce borrowing costs as a project completes

What is Development Exit Finance?

Development exit finance allows a property developer to reduce the cost of funds, in a situation where a development has been completed but the units built have not all been sold. At this point, a developer may be coming to the end of a development loan term, or else may be paying the higher interest rates of a loan previously advanced to fund construction.

Typically development exit finance will be a cheaper form of finance than the development funding it replaces, saving the developer money. And it allows the developer to make an earlier start on their next development project.

development finance

Development Exit Finance Features

Development exit finance is a flexible, shorter term funding arrangement which recognises the lower risks where a development has been completed, and flats or houses are likely to be sold in coming months to realise a profit. It offers:

  • loans usually up to 75% of development value
  • monthly interest
  • flexible terms with no early repayment penalty
  • amounts from £200,000 up
  • opportunity to retain profits as units are sold

How can GPS Financial help?

Development exit finance can be a complex area, while often a borrower seeks a quick decision in order to reduce high finance charges on their existing loans.

The GPS Financial team has a firm understanding of both borrower needs, and of the requirements of the niche lenders in this area of the business loans marketplace. With our guidance, your application can be processed efficiently, allowing a faster decision and providing a reduction in business borrowing costs as a development comes to practical completion.

How to apply?

Once you have identified the project and roughly worked out viability, costs, end value and profit margin, get in touch on 02922 677 725, or fill in the contact page. It doesn't matter if you don't already own the land/property.

We will then ask you lots of questions, (known as a fact find), to get as much information about the development as possible. This will allow us to appraise your project and give you an honest opinion as to whether we can help, i.e. we'll let you know if there are any lenders who might be willing to provide the necessary finance.

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