commercial mortgages

Commercial Mortgages

You’ve found the right property, now you need to find the right mortgage

What is Commercial Mortgages?

Commercial mortgages are used to finance the purchase of property for commercial or business use, or for the refinancing of debt secured against commercial premises. The premises may be used as a trading business, or for investment, including as buy to let residential property. Commercial mortgages are provided by a range of banks and specialist lenders, and require a higher level of expertise to arrange.

There are many reasons why a commercial mortgage will make sense, from acquiring a company’s trading premises, to raising cash for growth. Whatever the reason, GPS Financial can guide applicants through the process, to ensure a successful outcome.

commercial mortgages

Commercial Loan to Value (LTV) Ratios

GPS can arrange a commercial mortgage or remortgage with a loan to value ratio of up to 80% without the need for additional security, and at competitive rates starting from 2.2% above the base rate. With additional security, it is possible to borrow up to 100% of the value or purchase price.

  • access to whole of market
  • standard 80% LTV advance
  • term of between five and 25 years
  • typically borrow from £5,000 up to £1m
  • no upfront fees
  • same day agreement in principle
  • borrow 100% by providing additional security

Commercial Property examples:

A commercial mortgage can be provided for a wide range of circumstances:

  • buying a freehold public house or restaurant
  • acquiring offices
  • purchasing convenience stores and retail units
  • finance to buy a factory or warehouse
  • land acquisition
  • acquiring a HMO (house of multiple occupancy)
  • care home and nursing home businesses
  • acquiring a block of buy to let flats

How can GPS Financial help?

With over 20 years of commercial finance experience, we are able to support your application for a commercial mortgage with a deep understanding of the mortgage market. We also have access to exclusive products from niche lenders, which may suit your specific needs, and can negotiate bespoke packages for clients. Our service includes:

  • supporting applications from trading businesses or investors
  • no upfront fees
  • same day agreement in principle
  • access to the whole of the market
  • keen interest rates
  • up to 100% loans, subject to security
  • interest-only options possible
  • no maximum loan amount

GPS Financial can also arrange commercial mortgages for investors in residential portfolios or individual buy to let properties. If required, a single commercial mortgage can be arranged to cover several properties.

How to apply?

Once you have identified the project and roughly worked out viability, costs, end value and profit margin, get in touch on 02922 677 725, or fill out the form in the contact page. It doesn't matter if you don't already own the land/property.

We will then ask you lots of questions, (known as a fact find), to get as much information about the development as possible. This will allow us to appraise your project and give you an honest opinion as to whether we can help, i.e. we'll let you know if there are any lenders who might be willing to provide the necessary finance.

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